Data Collection

Data that is of value to you, may already be in your possession, or it may not. We can help you to identify, obtain, and make use of, the data that is of value to you, whether that data be in your own internal systems, in external or third-party systems, in the public domain, or in other less obvious places.

Data Integration

The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. Data from different sources or systems, can sometimes be seen as pieces of a puzzle – with the puzzle unable to be solved until the data can be matched and brought together. We employ ETL tools and techniques to bring disparate sources of data together.

Data Modelling

Time invested in a good data model can potentially be returned many times over, in optimal performance and ease of maintenance and efficiency of change. This applies for preparing data for analysis, as much as it does for application design. We offer a collaborative style of data modelling by working with our customers through conceptual, logical and physical design.


Deriving relevant insight is the purpose of data analysis. We combine data science techniques with our customers domain knowledge to achieve relevant insight for our customers, and to empower our customers to derive these insights for themselves.


Not all data is a mystery waiting to be solved. We can establish descriptive or operational-style reporting for you, formatted, published and delivered as required. This may also include extension of your existing reporting systems or infrastructure.


A picture tells a thousand words. We are experts in creating meaningful visualisations to help communicate the insight and meaning that can assist your business decision making.